Cathy Grier Blues+Grooves

Hi Cathy, you play at a variety of 'stops' in MTA land. Do you find that your audiences tastes vary by location? How so? And why, do you think?(Great to hear you at the SI ferry today!) Elsie Maio

Cathy Grier Blues+Grooves responded on 03/30/2012

Audiences taste in my music doesn't vary as much depending on location. I do think that certain locations allow audiences to actually stop and listen depending on where they're going. You saw me in the SI ferry terminal, this is a perfect example as people have to wait for the ferry, hence I get a captive audience and more time to showcase my material. Passing a subway musician is like eating on the run, you still satiate your hunger, but maybe don't digest as well. I love food analogies. thanks for your question Elsie, see you around.

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