Cathy Grier Blues+Grooves

What keeps you doing what you love when what you love to do isn't paying the bills?

Cathy Grier Blues+Grooves responded on 10/07/2010

from my perspective if you do what you love and are focused, sooner or later money comes in. I have always believed in myself, have lived through the highs and lows of earning and have excellent credit (which I never abuse-hence my excellent credit) and has helped me many times in my career.

Constantly review your passion, for example, when things have gotten tough I can still be a musician, I just might have to do a club gig or party to bring in extra cash. I can list 20 ways right now that could bring in extra money if I needed and still be in the music field. Through my career I've been motivated by the incredible range of possiblilities to keep me "working."

My advice is take a pen and paper and write out all the possibilities. And if you do something you love and you're good at it, why not pass it on to others and teach. That can always bring in some needed cash.

Networking is important, get out and meet people. Connections and shared experience make stuff happen!

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